For quite some time, I’ve been tossing up the idea of asking my Yr 12 Personality and Abnormal Psychology students to create a blog where they reflect on what they have learnt in our Psychology classes.

Last week, I took the plunge and I have not looked back since!

After getting the OK from the powers that be, I made this Blogging Guidelines document which I went through with my students in class and I set up a blog with a post explaining why I wanted them to blog and the benefits of it.

We discussed digital citizenship, and I made it very clear that nobody is to reveal their real names or include any photos/videos which may reveal their identity. Firstly, there is the obvious privacy issue from the Department. Secondly, I felt that many of my students would feel much more comfortable blogging if they knew they would be anonymous to their classmates. Therefore, I am the only one who knows whose blog belongs to whom. 

After going through the guidelines and talking about expectations, every student created a blog account and many started writing their first post immediately. 

The reflections I have been reading have blown my mind. 

* One student wrote about how he/she amazed herself in being able to carry out a conversation at a family BBQ today about various case studies he/she learnt about in Psychology over the past year.

* Another student spent some time thinking about to what degree (if any) does a person’s preference for various things indicate particular personality traits

* This student is just bubbling with ideas and writes with such wit and sass!

* As for this student, the curiosity and engagement he/she has is so impressive – yet I would never would have known in class because the student isn’t as extroverted as others to voice his/her thoughts!

There are several more which are as equally impressive and if these posts don’t give you faith in the future generation I don’t know what will.

The students have since started following each other’s blog as I have them the links to the blogs and they have been commenting on each other’s post without knowing who had written it, which can be a big self-esteem boost for the writer!

Please feel free to reply with a comment for any of the above linked posts! I’m sure they would get a great thrill from it knowing that their voice is being heard from outside our class!

I’m not sure if anyone can tell… but I am SO VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!